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      Michael Horne

      Ciao and Welcome!

      We’re glad you could join us, and we’re looking forward to your contribution to this lively community of lovers of all-things-Italian: wine, food, travel, culture…you name it.

      We want this to be a fun, upbeat community open to all fans of Italy. To make that possible, we need everyone to use common sense and be respectful of all Dall’Uva Forum members. Here are the rules & guidelines for using the Dall’Uva Forums:

      • Stay on topic. Make your contribution relevant to the original post.
      • Be polite. Everyone likes to be treated with respect, so inappropriate language, harsh criticism, or disrespect of others’ opinions are not allowed. Constructive criticism of our Wine & Travel Journal blog posts are encouraged.
      • Report violations. Inform us so that we can take appropriate action.
      • Observe chat rules.  Our Forums are not chat rooms, and we recommend that you avoid direct responses to others’ comments as that often leads to bickering. Do not react openly to guideline violations. Someone else’s violation is not an excuse for you to respond or react in a way that violates our guidelines. The best advice is: Stay on topic & Report violations.
      • Do not feed the trolls. Do not be a troll.  “Trolls” are people who post messages intended to infuriate you and get you to respond.  Trolls feed on such responses.  The only way to stop Trolls is to ignore them. Report Trolls to us and we’ll take care of them.
      • Do not advertise or post fake reviews.  Proposing transactions or promoting your website, blog, hotel, a buddy’s winery, private tours in Tuscany, etc. for financial gain or other marketing intent is prohibited. That’s not what our Forums are all about. If we find such postings, we’ll delete them and you may get banned from our Forums.
      • Do not help people break the law.  Speaking of the existence of law breaking is OK.  Sharing how to scam people or perform other illegal acts is prohibited.
      • Do not impersonate or invade privacy.  Impersonating other Forum members, the Dall’Uva staff, or anyone else for that matter will not be tolerated. Do not post private information about others.
      • Reviews are greatly valued here.  Businesses mentioned in the Forums and are not allowed to use our site to contact or respond to members/reviewers. If a business has a problem with a review, they should resolve them through their own channels. Real instances of defamation should be reported to us.

      Okay, now the fine print. Please read this:

      • Stay Current. We will update our Rules of the Road periodically. You should check back when you see updates.
      • We’re all big boys and girls. You are responsible for your own actions and content posted on Please do not post your email address and other personal contact information on our Forums.
      • Privacy is limited. All rules and guidelines equally apply to our Private Message system. Private Messages are not private from the webmaster.
      • We monitor interactions. At our discretion, we reserve the right to monitor all interactions between you and other Forum members.
      • Be cool like Fonzie…or else.  We reserve the right to discipline or ban any Forum member for violating the rules, guidelines, and/or spirit of the Forums.
      • We only want fun people here. If you’re banned, the least that will happen is the closure of all accounts held by you.  Banned users are not permitted to return to the Dall’Uva Forums under any circumstance.
      • To each his own opinion. Content provided by members of our Forums reflect the opinions and experience of those members, not Michael Horne or the staff of Dall’Uva.
      • You’re giving us rights to re-use what you post.  Content posted at becomes the property of Dall’Uva LLC and may be edited, deleted, published or otherwise used by us. We do not check the accuracy of posted content and accept no responsibility for loss, injury, inconvenience, or corked wine sustained by any person using the free advice received from Dall’Uva Forum members.
      • Don’t reuse our stuff without permission.  Content found in the Dall’Uva Forums is not to be used for formal and/or professional research, commercial gain, or redistribution in any way without the permission of Dall’Uva LLC and the Forum member(s) involved.
      • We are Social — and these rules extend there, too.  Where applicable, our Forum Guidelines apply to outside websites administered by Dall’Uva LLC including Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.  Outside websites and certain Dall’Uva Forums have additional rules that must be followed.

      Now go have fun!

      The Dall’Uva Team


      Michael Horne, CS
      Los Gatos, CA USA
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