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      Get your Aperol Spritz on!Yay, the hot weather is here and I can’t think of a better way to welcome the season than embracing the longer days with an Aperol Spritz.

      I was introduced to this lovely Veneto aperitivo while visiting Sirmione, one of the most frequented and lovely villages along Lake Garda in Italy. While enjoying the passeggiata during the early Spring, I noticed many of the locals enjoying this intriguing beverage served in a red wine glass while sitting and standing at the cafes on Piazza Carducci. They visited with one another and enjoyed the moment as the sunset’s fading light bounced off the lake. It was still the off- season and as the lone tourist weaving into the local culture, I wanted to join in and enjoy this vibrant orange cocktail.

      When I asked the server what was in the “spreetz”, he informed me it was Prosecco and Aperol, a digestive low in alcohol (about 8%) and made from herbs and bitters including sweet oranges which resemble its color.  When I asked the server to describe it compared to Campari, he said it was similar but not as bitter and a bit sweeter. Not being a fan of sweet drinks, I took my chances and ordered a glass.

      Taking an Aperol Spritz moment in PortofinoOnce I tasted this crisp and refreshing drink, a new affection had been discovered. The drink was the perfect balance of bitter and sweet, with a refreshing fruitiness to it. As a wine lover, I have difficulties enjoying mixed drinks prior to wine but this cocktail was the best accompaniment. It is light and stimulates the taste buds without overpowering or diluting the senses, a nice prelude to the local wines I was looking forward to with dinner.

      Since that moment, I have made it my mission to introduce and share this beverage with as many friends as I can.  I refer to the Aperol Spritz as a glass of liquid sunshine and I often send pictures of various “Spritz Moments” to my friends as I pass along my excitement of good things to come.

      Enjoy the cocktail recipe below and indulge in the season! Cin Cin!

      Ok, now that's just funnyCocktail: Aperol Spritz

      For Veneto authenticity, you should serve this cocktail in a large wine glass, ideally one of the larger bowls normally used for red wine.

      • 2 ounces Aperol
      • 3 ounces Prosecco
      • 1 splash of soda water or seltzer
      • Plenty of clean, fresh ice
      • Half a slice of orange

      1.  Fill the wine glass with ice. Don’t skimp on the ice, you want your Spritz to be very cold, and stay that way while you enjoy it.

      2.  Pour the Aperol over the ice, then float the Prosecco over the Aperol.  This gives the Spritz a nice look, though you can stir it if you’d prefer to mix the two together.

      3.  Add a splash of soda water on top.

      4.  Slip the orange slice over the rim of the glass, or drop it into the drink – whichever you prefer. I like my orange slice in the drink.

      5.  Enjoy!

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      J.p. Wolfe

      Have you found Aperol for sale in the U.S.?  I shipped a couple cases back from Italy but I know I will need more in the future and I have not found it anywhere yet.

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      Michael Horne

      Ciao Jocelyn — Many state liquor stores have Aperol in stock, it’s best to call one near you and check to see if they have it or can get it. Many can order from the distributor and get within a few days.

      If you want to buy Aperol online, you’ll need to do some investigation. Which State are you in? Each State has different liquor laws about who can buy alcoholic beverages online, specifically for the end consumers (thanks to the 21st Amendment), and that means where you live affects what you can buy online and from where.

      You may want to see if you can buy online from Hi-Time Wine Cellars in Costa Mesa, California. You can also search for sources in your own state using wine-searcher.com.

      Good luck and let us know if you’re able to find a place online.

      — Michael

      Michael Horne, CS
      Los Gatos, CA USA
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      J.p. Wolfe

      I am currently in California, living in the Antelope Valley. I have asked at all the major liquor stores within an hour radius and nobody can (or will) get Aperol.

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