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      Thanks Clare!

      I just finished my Level 2 class and test, I believe I passed! But now it gets serious!!
      Level 3 is 16 weeks with test. Then the diploma class would follow as ling as I pass 3 first! My understanding is the diploma class takes about 3 years, 6 different levels.
      They meet once a week, thats why its a long process! It would be in NYC.

      My other thought is the 10 or 17 week class at ICC in NYC, taught by 12 different MS’s! 5 days or 3 nights a week whatever I decide.
      Cost wise WSET ends up cheaper, but of course longer!!

      I am just trying to figure out which is right for me. WSET level 1 & 2 were bookwork with tastings was very educational.
      I am still not sure where this would lead to as far as a career. Maybe the 3 year program is for me!! LOL!!!


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      Monforte d’Alba has 2 great places. Barolo Bar right in centro is a great place for lunch, drinks and just to hang out, I believe they do dinner too! Great wine list and apps!!
      The other place is up the hill past the church, Case della Saracca. this place opens at 5:30 with a full (FREE) spread on their bar. Great food! A very nice BAROLO by the glass list along with full wine list. We had dinner there the first time and it was very good, they have a full menu with the dining room spaced out going up several levels. Very modern!

      Hope this helps!

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      Heading to Puglia one month today! Staying in Lecce before driving to Sicily to pick Clare up at the airport in Catania. Any advice on this drive? I will be staying the night in Taormina the night before she arrives so I should have plenty of time!!! I hope so! LOL!!!!

      Also any thoughts on Lecce? Bars, restaurants, sights???


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      This is great info! We are putting together a November trip. One week in La Morra for truffles! Then onto Emilia for 4 nights was looking at 1 in Parma and 3 in Bologna!!! Any suggestions on this would be appreciated! Hotels and restaurants sights to see!

      We would drive to Bologna and drop the car off. Take public transportation into centro if we stay outside of town. We did this a few years ago and it worked out great.

      Then we plan on heading to Milano for 2 nights by train.Never been  so this would be a new experience. Any hotels and restaurants recs??



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      I agree with Clare on all the wines. But the 2 Barolos we tasted were very different. The 2008 Castiglione was very good, we had it before and its very well balanced! As far as the 2003 Lazzarito was bolder and had more structure, also seemed to me to have more texture. I do agree with Clare though we could had bought 2 Castglione for the price of 1 Lazzarito.

      We both are relativity new to the Nebbiolo grape. As we discovered last May on our trip to the Langhe! They just go so well with food. We had a different Barolo every night and each was from different parts of the Langhe and its just so fascinating how different they can be!

      Back to the Vietti wine pairing dinner. It was well run and the food was excellent with the wines. We look forward to the next one,the Wines of Casanova di Neri with Owner and Winemaker, Giacomo Neri

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      Ciao Michael!

      Thanks for the information, you gave me a lot to look at. I have taken some rec cooking classes at ICC in Soho and they do a great job and were lots of fun! The formal class at ICC, I have to admit is a little overwhelming as it has been a long time since I have taken a formal class! LOL!
      Other than getting work in a restaurant, what other job opportunities are there with this degree?

      Grazie mille!


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