ArPePe Valtellina Superiore Grumello Riserva Rocca de Piro 2011 on
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Arpepe Valtellina Grumello Riserva Rocca de Piro 2011

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The Valtellina is welded onto the Alps along the most northern area of Italy, in Lombardy not far from Milan and the famous Lakes District. Here you’ll find some of the most exciting and expressive Nebbiolo wines in the world.

Chiavennasca is the name given to the light, aromatic interpretation of Nebbiolo grown here. These are alpine wines, with vineyards growing along perilously steep slopes. Optimism and heroics are needed in equal measure when making wine here.

What started in 1860 as simple family winemaking for local trading, Arpepe (named after the father Arturo Pelizzatti Perego) has become the prestigious leader in the Valtellina winemaking scene today. Isabella, Emanuele and Guido Pelizzatti Perego mark the 5th generation of winemaking, producing some of the best Nebbiolo wines just a stone’s throw from the twin fortresses of Castel Grumello.

The family’s 2011 Grumello Superiore vintage of Rocca de Piro is delicious.  This medium-bodied red is soft and supple on the palate, with a rush of ripe cherry, tobacco, anise and balsamic notes, and some spiciness on the finish. Acidity and tannins are nicely balanced, making this a joy to drink today and has longevity in your cellar.

Pair up this delightful Nebbiolo with Valtellina pasta dishes like Pizzocchero di Teglio, a buckwheat tagliatelle seasoned with cheese, potatoes, cabbage, sage, and butter that’s to die for. It’s also fabulous with Bresaola della Valtellina and Bitto cheese if you’re thinking about uber-local antipasti. This Grumello is a natural paired with grilled beef and lamb dishes.

Bottle Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 13.5%

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Additional Information

Weight 3 lbs


Bottle Size

750 mL

Grape Varietal

100% Nebbiolo



Bottles Produced


Servings per Bottle

4-6 glasses

Serving Temperature

59-66 degrees F

When to Drink

Drink now through 2025


24 months in 50 hectoliter Slavonian oak barrels