Gambero Rosso Berebene 2017


The Gambero Rosso Berebene 2017 Italian Wine Guide is published annually on the heels of their grand Vini d’Italia wine awards ceremony.

Think of this book as your personal cheat-sheet of the best Italian value wines released in 2017, all under $25 in US stores (like mine).

Berebene (here’s how you say it) is Italian for “drink well,” and this book is loaded with over 2,000 Italian value wines that are perfect daily drinkers, from “pizza wash” to elegant wines.  Even better, there are 718 Italian wines listed that are considered the best quality for the price.

“But Michael, I can’t read Italian. Why would I buy the Italian Edition?”

I have 2 good reasons: 1) this incredible Italian value wine guide is only available in Italian, and 2) you don’t need to know Italian to use this book to find wines worth hunting down and drinking. The book is organized in such an intuitive layout that anyone can get all of the info they need to locate the best Italian value wines of 2017. It’s really great fun for Italian wine fans looking for superb value wines.

Travelers to Italy, take note: This is a superb book to take with on a trip to Italy, just check out the regional listings and ask local wine shops where you can find and taste these wines. All of the contact information is there in case you want to visit the wineries in Italy yourself.

Language:  Italian

Format:  Paperback

Number of Pages:  334

Read more about Berebene in this informative blog post.

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