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A Passion for Italy.

At Dall’Uva, we’re passionate about the pursuit of fine artisan Italian wines & local food craftsmanship, and building deep relationships with the people who make them. After all, in the end it’s all about relationships. Relationships with the producers who toil through the year to bring us a work of art in the form of a bottle of wine.  Relationships with the retail shops and restaurants in town who share our passion for bringing you the best in small-crafted wines and foods. And of course, relationships with you, the lover of Italy who cares about what we do.

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Michael Horne, Certified Sommelier and Executive Director at Dall'Uva


Michael Horne, CS

Certified Sommelier
Los Gatos, California USA
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Michael Horne is our staff Sommelier and keeper of Dall’Uva’s passionate flame for Italy. Working and traveling throughout Europe and Italy over 100 times in the past 17 years, Michael has come to deeply appreciate the Italian point of view of embracing life with vigor and passion. Through his travels he has formed rich, warm friendships with Italian wine producers, tiny family-run food artisans, restaurant and enoteca owners with a common interest in sharing the best from small production craftsmen.  Michael founded Dall’Uva in 2003 with a vision of sharing hand crafted wines with other wine lovers, and telling the rich stories of the people and places where they are made.

Society of Wine EducatorsMichael’s roots in wine and food date back to the 1980s when he was a cook and sous chef in the kitchens of local restaurants while attending engineering and business school. Though his career would lead to the founding and managing of a successful software and consulting company based in Portland, Oregon, his underlying love of wine, cooking and travel would continue to serve as a means of expressing himself creatively. It is out of his deep appreciation for all-things-Italian that he returned to his roots with the founding of Dall’Uva. Michael regularly travels throughout Italy in search of rare finds from small artisan producers, bringing them back to share with lovers of Italian food & wine who value a deeper connection with what they drink & eat.

Guild of SommeliersMichael is a Certified Sommelier granted through the Court of Master Sommeliers based in London. Michael is also a member of the Guild of Sommeliers and the Society of Wine Educators, and holds regular private tastings for corporate events and groups of passionate individuals looking to learn more about Italian wines, food and travel.  You can reach Michael here.

Michael launches his wine journeys from Los Gatos, California.