When Cheap Wine is Really Just Junk Wine

Junk food is here to stay. Sometimes the moment just calls for a tasty Twinkie. Or maybe a tube of Pringles potato chips. And then there's Cheez Whiz1. Everybody eats these junky,… READ MORE

The Best Italian Value Wines Under 25 Bucks

One of the best things about Italy is the huge number of quality wines you can find at remarkably low prices. While a good quality California wine from Napa or Sonoma will run you… READ MORE

The Surprising Journey from Italian Winemaker to your Wine Glass

This is the first of my 3-part series on the remarkable journey that Italian wines make from the winemaker’s cantina all the way to your wineglass. Be sure to sign-up here and I’ll send… READ MORE

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Limoncino or Limoncello? Who cares, drink up!

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By Teresa H, Posted about 3 months, 2 weeks ago

Meyer lemons are in full-swing in most markets, and at our house, that means Limoncino time! Don’t you mean Limoncello? Well, yes and no—while both drinks have basically the same properties, they… READ MORE

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Milano: Love at first sight

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By DebD, Posted about 4 months, 3 weeks ago

It was love at first sight when I first stepped foot in Milan, Italy, years ago, and the love affair continues til this day. And because of my wonderful experiences, I would like to share a few insig… READ MORE

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Venice Carnevale: Flight of the Angel

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By Michael Horne, Posted about 5 months ago

I love Venice. Venezia may have become overrun by tourists, but I love making a regular trek to the watery city. What better time than at the annual celebration of Carnevale? While checking out… READ MORE