Milano: Love at first sight

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    Milan, for me, was love at first sight, and the affair has carried on forever.  I thought I would share some of my favorite sites and activities for those planning to visit my beloved Milano.

    Milan has always been an opulent and central city, a metropolis full of numerous well-known artists, with an attractive variety of churches, edifices, monuments. endless shopping, interesting museums, and appetizing food.

    Shopping Mall at Galleria Emmanuel Vittorio III

    The gorgeous display of vast statutes, pinnacles, pillars, arches, and marble makes Milan a city not to be missed just for its beauty alone. For example, Santa Maria delle Grazie was erected between 1466 and 1490 and adapted by Bramante. Inside the Refectory hangs one of the most celebrated paintings by one of the most famous artist in the world, Leonardo da Vinci. Milan is filled with grand Italian buildings like the Palazzo Reale, the Royal Palace located in the south side of Piazza Duomo. Well-known symbols of Milan are the Sforza Castle and the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. Just these sites alone reveal the elegance and grand history of this venerable city.

    Milan’s History is Grandiose and Fascinating

    Victor Emannuel II in front of the DuomoMilan’s provenance dates back to 400 B.C., after Gauls acclimated and conquered the Etruscans. In 222 B.C., Milan was overthrown by Romans and taken control of by the Roman Empire. After 313 A.D., the time of the Edict of Tolerance against Chritianity, numerous churches were constructed and the first bishop was delegated. In fact, Ambrogio was so powerful that the church transformed into the Ambrosian Church. The year 1300 saw the Visconti family, aristocrats from Parma, Brescia, Piacenza, Cremona, and Bergamo, govern and engender an era of prosperity and magnificence to the municipality. In 1386, the Duomo was erected and became an insignia of Milan. Afterwards, the Sforza family took over the Castle, and due to the Sforza duchy, Milan gained the knowledge of art, literature, and the sciences. And today, we have a vibrant and robust metropolis full of financial enterprises.

    For example, Fiera Milano is the city’s Exhibition Center and Trade Fair proprietorship. Known as Europe’s largest open structured development, Fiera Milano is the biggest trade fair conglomeration of buildings in the world

    Milan Shopping

    Milan has a long history of fashion. Its influence extends to countries all around the world. Milan is way ahead of the crowd in fashion due to its intuitive fashion industry. Shopping is fantastic at Galleria Emmanuel Vittorio III In fact, the city surpasses London and New York as a fashion capital. It’s a powerhouse of fashion, grace, and beauty. Check out the Quadrilatero d’Oro (rectangle of gold) for all the hot designer shops like Armani and Prada. If the prices are too steep for your budget, Milan has many fashion outlets like the corso di Porta Ticinese or Brera. Better yet, try the corso Buenos Aires, via Torino or corso Vittorio Emanuele.  For all around needs, trek to the well-known outlet of Il Salvagente (the lifesaver). This outlet offers three floors of goods for men and women, with a kid’s section called Salvagente Bimbi.

    Milan Dining

    Milanese restaurants offer the most diverse dishes of Italian cuisine. You will find your fill of creamy pasta, meat and dairy products together with foods from around the world like curry and maki.

    Dining al fresco in MilanA popular place for sampling Milanese food is Antica Trattoria della Pesa. The ambiance is charming and they offer the best funghi porcini pasta in the capital. Of course, Milan is filled with other delectable local foods like polenta, made from white or yellow corn meal. Panettone is another Italian staple; however, this delicious cake is loved around the world. Ingredients include butter, dried candied fruits, flour, eggs, and water. A dish called Cotoletta alla Milanese is made from the rib of a small calf on the bone, breaded, and fried in butter. It can be enjoyed with tomato sauce during the colder months in the year as well. Of course, while you are there, you have to try a savory pizza in Milan at the S.P.I.B. Restaurant. The setting is cozy, and the pizzas are thin, crispy, and scrumptious, just perfect. Afterwards you can enjoy a tartufo and espresso for dessert.

    Milan Architecture

    Anyone who has walked on the soil of Milan is in awe of its architectural beauty. In lieu of the continuous progress of this striking city, the architectural construction has kept its core grandeur and majesty. The Duomo di Milano is a structure you shouldn‘t miss. Its gothic architecture, inaugurated in the 14th century, was not  completed until five centuries later! The architecture in Milan is amazingIt’s a magnificent construction situated in the heart of the city, and the 4th largest cathedral in the world. One of the most spectacular covered galleries on the globe, Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II,  is a prime shopping destination. An indigenous landmark, the gallery links two more of Milan’s most popular attractions, the Teatro della Scala and the Duomo di Milano. Additionally, the church of Santa Maria delle Grazie  is born of astounding beauty and genius. Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper” calls it home and it’s the key reason visitors anxiously await the opportunity to witness this exquisiteness structure. Don’t forget to visit La Scala , the abbreviation for the official name Teatro della Scala, the internationally renowned opera house. Many of Italy’s foremost opera stars and singers from all corners of the globe have performed at this magnificent opera house over the last 200 years.

    The beauty that radiates in Milan would take several volumes to write about. From restaurants and shopping, to museums and nightlife, Milan has it all. I know, I’ve been there to witness it. I have been fortunate to be able to write about some of the places over the years that I have been to in Milan, and I’m still looking forward to seeing much more of this grand city.


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