Welcome to our Boston Tasting Event.

Our tasting this evening is a diverse trip across Italy, from the Veneto over to the Cinque Terre in Liguria, down through central Tuscany and finishing the tasting on the slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily.

Starting off with a few bubbles, we taste a classic Prosecco that’s refreshing and a perfect way to ease into a tasting.

We then progress to the gorgeous Cinque Terre where bright, minerally and high-acid whites are the perfect match for pasta with pesto, grilled mediterranean fish, shrimp and mussels.

Next we’re off to Tuscany with two Sangiovese-based wines, one a classic Chianti and the other a micro-production “Super Tuscan” — both from the blockbuster 2010 vintage. You can really get a sense for how the terroir of a region, and the winemaker’s style, really influences the flavors and scents of the wines.

We head back up north to the Veneto to savor a superb example of Valpolicella, a wine made with Corvina and Rondinella, the classic grapes used also in Amarone.

Finally, we end the tasting with an extraordinary wine from the fiery slopes of Mount Etna in Sicily. You get to experience first-hand how strongly the Etna black earth influences the wines of the region.