Val delle Corti Lo Straniero 2011


A Chianti Mountain red for 9 bucks?

Yep, this oh-so-friendly & quaffable "Lo Straniero" (which means "stranger" in Italian) is easy on the palate and the pocketbook.

Throughout Chianti, the locals drink gallons of cheap, tasty Sangiovese red wine all year long. Roberto Bianchi and wife Lis never intended their beloved Lo Straniero to reach American shores, easily selling everything they make to locals who love it.

Guess what: Now you too can share in the Sangiovese love.

This is all about bing cherry, blackberry, touch of cranberry, with some mountain fennel and nice acidity. This is the ultimate "Pizza Wash" — I'd pair it with a simple pepperoni & sausage pizza pie, an 80/20 beef burger grilled over charcoal, or serve it up with spaghetti & red sauce (Bolognese Ragù is perfect).

Stock up your "house wine" at this price, and pop a daily cork with easy meals & friends. Cin cin!

Bottle Size: 750ml

Alcohol: 13%

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