Alessi Parrot Sommelier’s Corkscrew



This is my favorite corkscrew, and a perfect companion for serious wine lovers, Sommeliers, or fans of cool Alessi kitchen gear. I keep this “Sommelier's friend” on hand for all of my Wine Tasting events, and it never fails me.

I located the Italian model of this Alessi classic in Italy and I import a limited number to share with fellow lovers of Italian wine gadgets. Based on a Pulltaps design (Somms love 'em) and artistically created by Italian designer & architect Alessandro Mendini, this hand-painted corkscrew is festively shaped and colored like a tropical parrot. Its colorful design stands out in a crowd and is a great conversation piece with friends.

Instructions are included and it's packed in a sturdy box. I like to give this colorful wine companion as a gift for wine-loving friends, but you'll probably want one for yourself.

Style: “Proust” multi-colored model

Length: 5 inches, fits perfectly in the hand

Materials: Chrome-plated zamak and hand-painted polyamide

Out of stock

Additional information

Weight 0.3 lbs
Dimensions 5 × 1 × 1 in

"Proust" multi-colored and hand-painted handle, Alessi model number AAM32