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Freshly roasted coffee beans from Tazza d'Oro in RomeTazza d'Oro "La Regina dei Caffè" Coffee is roasted right in Rome, just a stone's throw from the PantheonTazza d'Oro "La Regina dei Caffè" is a blend of 9 different Arabica coffee beansPress your own Tazza d'Oro espresso with fresh roasted beans.And here is the inspiration for Tazza d'Oro: The queen of coffees.Grabbing a coffee in a bustling scene at Tazza d'OroTazza d'Oro, just outside of the Pantheon in the centro storico (ancient center) of Rome.Tazza d'Oro is just around the corner from the Pantheon in RomeMake your own Cappuccino with fresh beans from Tazza d'Oro

Tazza d’Oro “La Regina dei Caffè” Coffee



Tazza d’Oro, literally named the “Cup of Gold”, declares itself to have the best coffee in Rome, and only those who are die-hard fans of Sant’Eustachio are likely to disagree.

This superb “Queen of the Coffees” blend of 9 Arabica coffee beans from high mountain plantations is what put Tazza d’Oro on the map. Mario Fiocchetto started roasting beans within eye-shot of the Pantheon back in 1944 and has passed along the secret recipe and roasting techniques of La Regina dei Caffè over 3 generations.

Now lovers of Tazza d’Oro and her smooth, potent espresso can make their own espresso, caffè Americano and cappuccino with the real beans, freshly roasted and ready for grinding. We regularly air-ship fresh batches of the beans direct from the Tazza d’Oro roasting shop in Rome to the US, ready to be delivered direct to your door.

The glorious, fragrant aroma of these fresh-roasted beans is your first wake up call, but it’s the taste that moves the soul. There’s a smooth sweetness that’s mellow, with chocolatey notes, hints of roasted nuts and even a light fruitiness reminiscent of blueberry.

These beans are ready to grind for drip, espresso, moka, french press and hand pour methods. It’s the perfect morning coffee or to finish the day as an after-dinner espresso.

Package Sizes:  1/2 Pound (250 grams), 1.1 Pounds (500 grams), or 2.2 Pounds (1 kilogram) of Whole Bean coffee

Style: Medium Roast


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Additional Information

Whole Bean or Ground

Whole Bean


Medium roast, suitable for Drip, Espresso, Moka, French Press or Hand Pour methods


Coffee beans are fair-trade sourced from growers in Yemen, Jamaica, Guatemala, Brazil, Dominican Republic, and Ethiopia.