Sant'Eustachio Coffee, exclusive and direct from Rome
Sant'Eustachio beans, freshly roasted in the old center of RomeOne-half pound of the finest coffee beansHandsome coffee bag adorned with the emblem of Saint Eustace, perfect as a giftThe mascot for Sant'Eustachio, at the nearby church (photo by Andrew Schneider)Sant'Eustachio in a Roman institution, locals congregate daily since 1938Sant'Eustachio has been roasting beans and pressing coffee for over 77 years.Sant'Eustachio is just around the corner from the Pantheon in Rome

Sant’Eustachio Wood-Fire Roasted Coffee



This coffee is divine, and a Roman caffè tradition for me on every scouting trip to Rome.

Slowly roasted over a wood-fire by Roberto, Raimondo & Andrea at Sant'Eustachio (how you say it) in the centro storico of Rome (and just a stone's throw from the Pantheon), these coffee beans are rightly famous and extremely rare to find whole-bean like this here in the US. In fact, only Dall'Uva air-ships fresh coffee beans directly from the Sant'Eustachio roasting shop in Rome back to the US.

Sant'Eustachio has been roasting and blending 100% Arabica beans sourced fairly from Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ethiopia and St. Helena growers since 1938. Now that's commitment.

These fragrant coffee beans brew up deliciously, with mellow acidity and notes of toasted cocoa, roasted almonds and a hint of smokiness. They're ready to grind for drip, espresso, moka, or french press methods. It's the perfect morning coffee or to finish the day as an after-dinner espresso.

Package Sizes:  1/2 Pound (250 grams), 1.1 Pounds (500 grams), or 2.2 Pounds (1 kilogram) of Whole Bean coffee

Style: Medium Roast

NOTE: If our coffee is currently out of stock, you can order freshly roasted Milan-style coffee beans on the Dü Coffee website. Check out the Milan Espresso blend now available: Dü Coffee Milan Espresso Roast


Additional Information

Whole Bean or Ground

Whole Bean


Medium roast, suitable for Drip, Espresso, Moka, French Press or Hand Pour methods


Coffee beans are fair-trade sourced from growers in Brazil, Dominican Republic, Guatemala, Ethiopia and St. Helena Island.