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Thanks Clare!

I just finished my Level 2 class and test, I believe I passed! But now it gets serious!!
Level 3 is 16 weeks with test. Then the diploma class would follow as ling as I pass 3 first! My understanding is the diploma class takes about 3 years, 6 different levels.
They meet once a week, thats why its a long process! It would be in NYC.

My other thought is the 10 or 17 week class at ICC in NYC, taught by 12 different MS’s! 5 days or 3 nights a week whatever I decide.
Cost wise WSET ends up cheaper, but of course longer!!

I am just trying to figure out which is right for me. WSET level 1 & 2 were bookwork with tastings was very educational.
I am still not sure where this would lead to as far as a career. Maybe the 3 year program is for me!! LOL!!!