Reply To: Chianti Wine Tasting – Suggested Self Guided Tour?

Michael Horne

Ciao Laurync — your timing is perfect, as I’m getting many requests right now for recommendations on wineries to visit on a self-guided tour in Chianti.

A couple of questions before I give you some recommendations:

  • How many days are you planning to do wine tasting in Chianti?  Do you have specific days in mind for your wine tasting? As a general rule, weekdays and sometimes Saturdays are best.  Sundays are tough and many wineries are closed.
  • How many wineries would you like to visit in a day?  I usually recommend no more than 3 with a nice lunch or dinner in the mix.  Italian winery visits can easily last 60-90 minutes, as the producers love to show you around the cantina and the grounds.
  • Do you prefer smaller, more family-run wineries, or larger, big name wineries?  As a general rule, the smaller wineries tend to be more informal, friendly, and no tasting fees and you usually meet the winemaker & family.  Big-name wineries have more formal tasting rooms, fancier facilities, sometimes have tasting fees, and you tend to visit with knowledgable staff.
  • Do you want to drive, or would you prefer to have someone drive you?  I see that you have a car, but there are car services available that can pick you up, drive you around, and drop you off at the end of the day — a wonderful way to enjoy the wines and lunch without worrying about driving.

Post your answers here and I’ll follow-up with some recommendations.


Michael Horne, CS
Los Gatos, CA USA