Reply To: 2 Days in Rome: Smart Tips for a Quick Visit

Michael Horne

roma-taxi-standCiao Toni — thanks for sharing your tips. One more tip for getting around in Rome efficiently is use taxis!

Taxis are relatively cheap in Rome, and you can get around quickly and save a lot of time if you’re trying to cram a lot into a day.

Though not as cheap as the bus or Metro system, you can get around from point-to-point in the historic center for around € 5 or so. Taxis are a godsend toward the end of the day when you’re tired and ready to head back to your hotel — there’s nothing like a quick trip back to your home base.

One thing to keep in mind: You’ll want to pick up a taxi at a marked taxi stand or a hotel. You can’t miss them, they’re marked with a bright orange sign and sprinkled all over the city, particularly near major tourist and governmental sites. You can try and hail a taxi you see driving down a street, but this doesn’t always work (late evening may be the exception).

Happy travels!
— Michael

Michael Horne, CS
Los Gatos, CA USA