Reply To: Bringing Wine Home from Piedmont


So to let you know how it worked out… The MBE in Alba is super easy to find!!! We found the one in Bra as well (its on the same street as Boccondivino – the Slow Food restuarant). The wine shipper, box and tape costs us 10 euro.

Originally I didn’t think about a magic marker to write on the box but was able to find one in a shop in Bologna. Happened to walk by and saw highlighters – right next to permanent markers!

We marked the box with our name and arrows indicating which end up. At MXP – we had no problem checking it. You definitely want to make sure you leave yourself extra time when doing this as you may have to pay for the extra bag depending on your United status and you have to accompany it over to the xray machine.

Once back at Newark we waited patiently (and anxiously) for our precious box to come off the belt! Once it did we got though customs very easily…. although I wouldn’t be surprised if a customs agent or two stopped by for a glass of wine!

Thanks Michael for the information! It was spot on and now we can enjoy our Piemontese wines that we just couldn’t get here in the US!