Reply To: Experimental: Chianti Wine Tour Map

Michael Horne

Ciao David — Yes, I’m working on some wine touring maps for Piedmonte, as well as the Valpolicella (near Verona: Amarone producers…), Montalcino & Montepulciano area (Brunello), etc. I’ll be rolling these out, one at a time this year.

About a week in Bologna & Alba areas? You can do it, and you’ll enjoy visiting both. Bologna can be seen in a day or 2, but be sure the centro storico of Modena. It’s a lovely town.

For Piedmonte, where you stay depends on what you want to do. If you’re planning to visit Barolo, Barbaresco, Dolcetto & other local wine producers, I’d suggest staying in Alba. It’s a very lively town, just be sure to stay in the center (there’s a ring road around it).

If you’d prefer something quieter, I like Neive which is just a few kilometers from Barbaresco.  There’s a quaint B&B there you can stay at called Dimora San Sebastiano.  A cute couple (Rosanna Romito & Marco Mo) run the place, and they have just a few rooms so book well in advance. It makes for a perfect home base for exploring the winemakers and towns in the region.  Their website gives you all the info you need.

Enjoy your trip, April is a great time of year to go!


Michael Horne, CS
Los Gatos, CA USA