Reply To: Graduation trip to Italy! Getting my wine home…


Good afternoon Michael,

After many many hours of work and buying a new house ( Yes, horrible timing with the trip in 3 weeks) I have finally looked into the checked luggage for my flights home.

We will be flying Lufthansa home from Venice to Frankfurt to San Francisco then finally onto Portland. So far all I have read is your first checked luggage is free and the second up to 100 dollars for 50 lbs. Will that work if I have a case in a wine shipper box?

Ideally I would like 2 cases, but if it is reasonable enough I wouldn’t mind 3 cases!

We fly into Rome, then out of Venice on Lufthansa. If you were to ship for me, how would that work?

Seriously, thank you for all your help! I appreciate all of the information you can provide as my trip rapidly approaches!

Austyn Holmes