Reply To: Vietti Wine Pairing Dinner


I agree with Clare on all the wines. But the 2 Barolos we tasted were very different. The 2008 Castiglione was very good, we had it before and its very well balanced! As far as the 2003 Lazzarito was bolder and had more structure, also seemed to me to have more texture. I do agree with Clare though we could had bought 2 Castglione for the price of 1 Lazzarito.

We both are relativity new to the Nebbiolo grape. As we discovered last May on our trip to the Langhe! They just go so well with food. We had a different Barolo every night and each was from different parts of the Langhe and its just so fascinating how different they can be!

Back to the Vietti wine pairing dinner. It was well run and the food was excellent with the wines. We look forward to the next one,the Wines of Casanova di Neri with Owner and Winemaker, Giacomo Neri