Reply To: Vietti Wine Pairing Dinner

Michael Horne

Ciao Clare & Michael — sounds like you two had a great time.  What was the name of the restaurant?

I’m a fan of Vietti, they make some wonderful wines.  I just had their Perbacco nebbiolo last night at Fratelli in Portland paired with some wild boar terrine & a nice hanger steak.

We sampled the Arneis and the Barbara D’Asti with the Crostini. I thought the Arneis was fabulous with the mushroom and Robiola Crostini. I am a big fan of unoaked whites and Arneis delivers on all counts.

They make a very nice Roero Arneis (though the label is a bit creepy;-), its refreshing and I agree that unoaked whites can be nice.  Their Moscato is always a big hit.  I haven’t tried the Lazzarito, it sounds like it needs more time.

As an FYI, Vietti has a nice English website for those who want to learn more.  You’ll find them at


Michael Horne, CS
Los Gatos, CA USA