Contest: Follow Your Passion for Vino!

Vino Italiano -- The reference text for learning about Italian WinesCiao!  We’re getting the word out about Dall’Uva and our Wine Journal for lovers of Italian wine, food, culture and travel.  Yes, I know, it’s shameless self-promotion — but I think that you and your friends will enjoy our entertaining and informative postings on Italian wines, and we’d love to have you follow us here and on Facebook and Twitter.

Ok, so what’s the deal?

To help us get the word out about Dall’Uva, we’re giving away free copies of Vino Italiano to 10 lucky subscribers to the Dall’Uva’s Wine Journal, our Facebook page, and our tweets on Twitter.  Vino Italiano is the must-have guide book to Italian wines, with full regional listings and with local cultural details.  The authors Joe Bastianich and David Lynch are restaurateurs, wine makers, and  Italian wine geeks who write in a fun an informative way.  Every Italian wine lover should have a copy on hand.  You’ll love this book.

Joe & David have kindly allowed Google to index a good portion of the book, and you can peruse a few chapters of their Vino Italiano online in Google books.

Pour yourself a glass of vino and enter to win!And how do I win a copy?

It’s easy. Starting on Monday, 27 June 2011, we will award 2 copies of Vino Italiano every week, over the next 5 weeks, through a random drawing from new Wine Journal, Facebook, and Twitter subscribers each week.

You receive 1 contest entry for each way that you follow Dall’Uva.  That’s right – you have 3+ chances to win (more on how to stack the deck below):

Entry #1 – Subscribe to the Wine Journal

Click here to Subscribe and enter to winClick on the button to the right and enter in your email address, and we’ll register you for our always-entertaining Wine Journal.  We hate spam as much as you do, and we never share your email address, so you can register with peace of mind.

Entry #2 – Like us on Facebook

Like us on Facebook for Entry #2We post some interesting short stories, “Quick Sip” wine tasting notes, and links to interesting articles on Italian wines, culture, travel and events.  To complete entry #2, just click on the Like button to the right.

Entry #3 – Follow us on Twitter

Follow Dall'Uva on Twitter and enter to win We regularly tweet wine recommendations, neat links to wine and travel articles, live reports from our on-the-road wine tasting with producers, and pretty much whatever else is on our minds.  It’s fun and easy, just click the Follow Me button to the right.

Nobody's looking.  Go ahead and stack the deckCan I stack the deck?

Of course you can.  Increase your chances of winning by telling others about Dall’Uva, posting a Facebook comment or tweeting about us.  For each comment, post or tweet you submit, you’ll get up to 3 more bonus entries, giving you up to 6 chances to win.  Here’s how:

Bonus Entry #4 – Post a Comment

This one is way-easy.  Just tell us your favorite Italian wine by scrolling down the page and posting a comment below.  I’ve started things off with a posting of my all-time favorite Italian wine (until I find something more fabulous).

Bonus Entry #5 – Share a Facebook Update

Tell your Facebook friends that you’re a Dall’Uva Fan and you’ll earn a Bonus Entry.  We don’t want you to say crazy things, but you can get creative – just cut-and-paste something like this and we would be more than happy:

I’m now following the Dall’Uva Wine Journal – check it out!

Bonus Entry #6 – Tweet about Us

Tweet your followers and let them know you’re a fan of Italian wines and Dall’Uva, and we’ll add one more Bonus Entry for you.  Go ahead and get creative, but here’s an easy tweet you can cut-and-paste (keep the @dalluva and #tags so we can track your tweet):

I’m now following the Dall’Uva Wine Journal @dalluva – check it out! #dalluva #wine #italy

Boy that glass of vino looks good...And now the fine detail.

Like all contests, we have to have some basic rules.

  • The contest is only open to US residents.  Sorry, we can’t ship our books outside of the US.  We’d still love to have you follow us, though.
  • The contest starts on 27 June 2011 and continues for 5 weeks.  Each 1-week contest period runs from 12:00 AM (midnight)  on Monday until 11:59 PM on Sunday.  The contest ends at 11:59 PM on Sunday, 31 July 2011.   Here are the specific contest weeks (all in 2011):
    • Week 1:  Starts 27 June, ends 3 July
    • Week 2:  Starts 4 July, ends 10 July
    • Week 3:  Starts 11 July, ends 17 July
    • Week 4:  Starts 18 July, ends 24 July
    • Week 5:  Starts 25 July, ends 31 July
  • Winners are announced on the Monday following the end of each 1-week contest period.  If you win, we’ll contact you directly to notify you and get your mailing address.
  • We’ll ship the book to you via US media mail.  It will take from 5-15 days to get to you, depending on where you live.  Shipping is free, you pay nothing, zip, niente.
  • If you win, you agree to let us mention your name in Wine Journal, Facebook, and Twitter postings.  We won’t go crazy, but we want to be able to mention your name.  Our privacy policy can be found here

A toast to you, our followers -- Salute!What are you waiting for?

We can’t wait to start shipping off copies of Vino Italiano to our followers, so get started now by submitting your full 6 entries today.

Note:  The very cool black-and-white photos used (with permission) in this post and elsewhere on the Dall’Uva website were shot by Alessandro Puccinelli, one of the best up-and-coming Italian photographers around.  His photos are used generously in Joe & David’s Vino Italiano – reason enough to want to win this excellent book.  Alessandro is based in Pisa, and you can find more of his excellent work on his website.



5 Responses to “Contest: Follow Your Passion for Vino!”

  1. Michael Horne 28 Jun 11 at 6:09 AM #

    OK, I’ll answer Entry question #4: What’s my all-time favorite Italian wine? It’s gotta be Quintarelli Amarone 1997 — you know you’re being seduced when you lift a glass of Giuseppe’s masterpiece to your nose. There’s an explosion of spiced, dried cherries, ripe plums, currants and bit of smokiness.

    At 83 years old, Giuseppe Quintarelli is the grandfather of Amarone and my benchmark producer for judging all others.

    What’s your all time favorite Italian wine?

  2. Michael Horne 4 Jul 11 at 5:36 PM #

    We just finished Week 1 of our contest, and we have 2 winners!

    Winner #1 is Frank Morgan in Chesapeake, VA, a new Twitter follower, you can check him out at He has a pretty cool wine blog, too.

    Winner #2 is Judy Holeva of Portland, a new Facebook follower and long-time fan of one of our unique dessert wines, Sollucchero.

    Congrats, and thanks for following us!

  3. Michael Horne 11 Jul 11 at 4:49 AM #

    We’ve just wrapped up Week 2 of our “Vino Italiano” contest, and Winner #3 is twitter follower Naoma Doriguzzi from Virginia Beach, VA. She’s a prolific tweeter at -Thanks for following, Naoma!

    And our Winner #4 is Facebook and Wine Journal follower Bonnie Biciunas from Durham, NC. Thanks for following, Bonnie!

  4. Michael Horne 18 Jul 11 at 7:18 AM #

    Onto Week 3 and our winners of our Vino Italiano contest are Facebook follower Jacquie Smutny of Baldwin, New York, and Twitter follower Paul Wyborny (@pwyborny) of Dundee, Oregon! Thanks for following us!

  5. Michael Horne 25 Jul 11 at 1:37 PM #

    Our Week 4 contest winners of a copy of Vino Italiano are Twitter follower Ed Thomas (@EcoFriendlyEd), and Facebook follower Yvonne Lake!

    Thanks for following us, and we hope you enjoy reading this entertaining and enlightening book!

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