Itinerary for an authentic Italian “gastro-oenological” experience?

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    Janine van Aswegen

    Good day.

    After sifting through what seemed like a myriad of websites, mountains of information and varied opinions I (luckily) landed on your site.

    I hope you can help me… it is my dream and a “bucket list” item to go to Italy and tour the wine lands, but as I said, upon starting to search for the best region, place and way to go about it I feel a bit inundated and overwhelmed.

    I’m planning a short trip to Italy in May. (I’m from South Africa by the way). I’ve been to Rome, Florence and Venice a few years ago, but did not go on any wine tour or visit any wine region – which is what I want to do now.

    Could you please advise, in your opinion, what the best area is to go to experience what it’s “all about”.

    I will be there for about 4 – 5 days. I’m really not interested in the “touristy” aspects, but would rather have an authentic Italian “gastro-oenological” experience.

    A recommended region, base city, starting point – any help would be much appreciated!

    Many thanks!  Talk soon

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    Michael Horne

    Hello Janine – thanks for your Forum post, and I would be glad to help out.  Other Forum members may have some suggestions, I’ll post your question to our Twitter and Facebook feeds as well.

    You’ve picked a great time to travel, May is perfect.  Can you tell me a little about your travel & wine preferences?

    • Will you be flying into Rome? Milan?  If Rome, the best area for your eno-gastronomic tour would be north of Rome in Tuscany, most likely the Chianti, Brunello & Vino Nobile areas.
    • Would you like to do a self-guided tour of wine producers, meaning visiting the wineries on your own schedule, or a guided tour?
    • Would you be willing to rent a car for your trip? This affects which wine producers you can visit and taste wines. Some have tasting rooms in the cities, but most are in the countryside.
    • Do you have any specific food interests or limitations?  Are you okay with meat, or are you vegetarian?

    With a little more info I can help recommend a home base you can use to explore the food, wine and culture in a specific wine-making region.


    Michael Horne, CS
    Los Gatos, CA USA
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    Janine van Aswegen

    Hi Michael

    Thank you for the prompt response!

    I will probably fly into Florence and I also thought Tuscany to be a good area, albeit only because it’s the most well-known.

    Would you recommend a self-guided or guided tour? Is it better to rent a car and “do it yourself?” I know that to experience the best South African wine lands have to offer a self-guided tour is much better.

    I absolutely love anything and everything Italian (food-wise) and have no limitations (not even for the unfortunate and inevitable weight-gain!)

    Keep well.


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