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      Michael Horne

      Prosecco is booming.

      An Italian wine importer in London recently reached out to me to get my thoughts on Prosecco prices. "Are your producers asking for more money?" Apparently he's having heartburn with his Prosecco producers, several of which are asking for 20%+ price increases this year.

      No suprise — Prosecco demand is white hot. Wine lovers everywhere are snapping up bottles of the tasty Veneto vino in record numbers, and the winemakers can't make enough of it to satisfy demand.

      I thought I'd check out Google Trends to see what Americans are searching for these days, comparing their search rates for popular Italian wines, including Barolo, Chianti, Brunello and good ol' Prosecco.  Take a look:

      Prosecco is searched for nearly 5 times more often than Barolo. Chianti is still doing well, but there are only half as many searches as Prosecco. The spikes you see are searches in December, the busiest wine buying month of the year.

      And where are all of those searches coming from? Why, New York of course. City-wise, it's New York, Chicago and Boston leading the search pack for Prosecco. Interestingly, when you look at the Metro areas that search the most for Prosecco, it's wine lovers in West Palm Beach who are burning up the 'net:

      It's interesting when you take a look at what search terms people use when looking for Prosecco. Sure, you have "prosecco wine" and "prosecco price," but what's up with "prosecco champagne?" Maybe more folks should search for "what is prosecco." 🙂

      Want to explore trends in Italian vino demand?  Pour yourself a tasty glass of quaffable Prosecco and check out Google Trends. Cheers!

      Michael Horne, CS
      Los Gatos, CA USA
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