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      We are heading to The Langhe and Emilia for 2 weeks in November. Probably are last trip to the north for awhile cause we want to start exploring the south!

      This trip would be our 5/50 trip. Five years married this May 14 and the 50 well I would rather not say. So, its a pretty special trip we been thinking about for awhile!

      So with that being said we are starting to plan a trip to SICILY!
      We are looking to fly out of Newark on Friday May 9th, 2014 and return on May 26th,which is Monday memorial day. 16 nights/17 days. This would be the minimal we would stay at this time. We want to spend the whole time in Sicily.

      What we have so far is flying into Catania from Roma. Staying 1 night there and then getting our car and go to Taormina. Stay for 5 nights. This is where we would like to be for our anniversary on the 14th and the 15th is that other big day. Check out on the 16th and head to WHERE????

      Now we believe we would need a car for Taormina cause we want to visit Mt.Etna wineries, and explore the immediate area. I have seen that it can be a problem having a car. So thats something to think about. As far as lodging we have had very good luck with B&B’s or agriturismos. But we want to be in centro of Taormina to be able to walk to dinner and down to the water.
      We have had very good luck in the high tourists places going by Rick Steves books but I guess he doesn’t like Sicily! Any rec’s on places to stay and of course wineries and restaurants would be great! Culture sites would be nice too.

      So that takes care of 6 nights! 10 left! We were thinking of driving the South coast and make our way eventually to Palermo where we would fly back to Roma. Maybe we would have to spend the last night in Roma due to the time of flight back to Newark on Monday mourning. Something to think about. Looking for places to stay on the way to Palermo, things to do, producers of food and wine??? This is all in the very beginning stages, nothing is written in stone.

      Any thoughts or ideas from anyone thats been or can suggest where to look would be appreciated!

      Grazie mille!!


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      Heading to Puglia one month today! Staying in Lecce before driving to Sicily to pick Clare up at the airport in Catania. Any advice on this drive? I will be staying the night in Taormina the night before she arrives so I should have plenty of time!!! I hope so! LOL!!!!

      Also any thoughts on Lecce? Bars, restaurants, sights???


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      Michael Horne

      Hi Michael! I’m going to start a separate topic on Eastern Sicily, because I know that you’re there now and would benefit from some recs. Check the other thread and we can chat there!


      Michael Horne, CS
      Los Gatos, CA USA
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