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    Michael Horne

    Geoff Kruth, Master Sommelier and Wine Director at the Farmhouse RestaurantMaster Sommelier Geoff Kruth at the Guild of Sommeliers recently held a competitive event called the “Clash of the Sommeliers” at the Farmhouse Restaurant where he is the Wine Director.  In his Podcast, you’ll hear 3 of the Bay Area’s best Sommeliers share their wisdom on food & wine pairing, dispelling the myth that pairing wines with food requires magical skills.

    Joining Geoff in this Podcast are:

    • Desi Echavarrie of the French Laundry shares his thoughts on matching textures of wine & food and the “mirror match” technique.
    • Sur Lucero of Napa’s Oenotri talks about the importance of putting the guests palate first, what he calls “people pairing.”
    • Yoon Ha of San Francisco’s new avant garde restaurant Benu shares his simple approach of looking at the “spirit of the dish.”

    It’s a fun half-hour with some thoughtful Sommeliers, have a listen.

    Podcast: Food & Wine Pairing

    By Geoff Kruth, Guild of Sommeliers
    Duration: 28 minutes
    Click here to listen to this Podcast

    Michael Horne, CS
    Los Gatos, CA USA

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