What Are GREEN Wines? Infographic

Vino Verde?  Not exactly what I mean.

Whatever you call them — biodynamic wines, natural wines, extreme wines – they’re being produced in growing numbers by progressive wine producers everywhere.

Vino biodinamico and vino naturale is booming in Italy, and for good reason:  Wine drinkers are increasingly interested in producers that use green methods of production.  Don’t confuse today’s green wines with the undrinkable organic wines of years ago, these are truly fantastic vini.

This was really driven home for me on my recent trip to Sicilia where Etna wine producers like Ciro Biondi and Giuseppe Russo at Girolamo Russo have completely embraced green wine making.  For them and hundreds of other Italian producers, it’s all about conveying the true essence of the fruit and the terroir.  Cool.

So what exactly does GREEN mean?

The folks at wine.com pulled together a pretty cool Infographic on green wine production that does a great job of describing the process and making the terms understandable.

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Infographic: What are GREEN Wines?

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I’m on a mission to help wine lovers understand vino naturale and connect them with the great Italian wine producers who have embraced these noble methods.

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